Youguth Fermented Korean Red Ginseng & Probiotics

Boost Your Immunity, Energy & Gut Health!

6-Year Korean Red Ginseng

Carefully selected premium ginseng for maximum health benefits

Patented Probiotics

Contains Youguth’s patented probiotics to support gut health

Greater Absorption

Active ingredients in micro-sized molecules to enhance absorption

Benefits of Probiotics

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Flick, Tear and Enjoy

  • Just a sachet a day.

    Take one sachet a day to enjoy the benefits of Youguth, packed with 100 billion CFU’s of probiotics for your gut health.
  • Tasty powder sachets.

    Yum! Youguth comes in a different-flavoured, tasty powder form that melts in your mouth, no water required.
  • Enjoy it on the go.

    Just pack a sachet in your bag for the day and you can enjoy Youguth’s convenient powder stick sachets anytime, anywhere. Just flick, tear and enjoy.

Discover the Youguth Difference

High Potency
100 billion Probiotics

Backed by
50 years of Research

Designed for
Greater Efficacy

Blended and
Packed with Taste

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