Benefits of Probiotics

Why We Need Probiotics

  • Most probiotics are most commonly found in foods like kimchi, yoghurt and other fermented foods. Some are even used to make bread!
  • A portion of the probiotics we eat in foods end up living in our gut microbiome, making our gut flora stronger and more resistant to disease or illness. Boosting these good bacteria with probiotics helps to maintain the balance.
  • Probiotics that come in pills, capsules or powder forms are more densely packed with beneficial bacteria. Certain probiotics like Youguth are specially formulated with additional prebiotics and other beneficial supplements like zinc and manganese for even better results.


Our gut contains both good and bad bacteria and a good balance of helpful bacteria can help your digestive system break down the food that we eat into nutrients like amino acids, carbohydrates and glucose that the body can metabolize.

Youguth probiotics can help boost your good gut bacteria for better digestion and nutrient absorption.


They have been found to increase the number of weekly bowel movements and help produce softer stools so they’re easier to pass. This is because your digestive system relies on a delicate balance of gut flora.

These microbes which comprise of good and bad bacteria are crucial in the digestion of food in our gut before it’s eliminated, and a healthy balance of good bacteria in our gut allows for smoother and more regular bowel movements.

For Good

These gut bacteria are a crucial component in our gut’s defense against pathogens and bad bacteria.

Youguth has a synbiotics formulation because it contains prebiotics which are non-digestible compounds found in foods like whole grains, bananas and green vegetables. This in turn feeds the probiotics; the beneficial healthy bacteria in Youguth which are the key microorganisms that helps you to maintain good gut health.

Supports the
Immune System

The stomach and gut microbiome has lots of beneficial bacteria that helps your body build up immunities to disease and fight off pathogens to support your immune systems’ defense, and probiotics can help increase the volume of good bacteria that greatly benefits our immune response.


To help your skin retain its radiant glow, supplement your diet with healthy probiotics. The health of our skin is intricately connected to our gut microbiome, and consuming gut-friendly good bacteria will help your skin maintain its youthfulness from the inside out.

Youguth Lady Charming Up also contains Vitamin C which is an antioxidant that helps to maintain a healthy, radiant complexion and Collagen that supports youthful, supple skin.

Love to increase your energy levels? Our bodies rely on the health and wellbeing of our gut microbiome as it promotes many beneficial effects to our overall health, even producing certain crucial components like vitamin B and K that contributes to you feeling more energized.

Youguth Green Energy Up has probiotics that can help in bringing balance to your gut bacteria and has added Vitamin B complex to improve your overall energy and vitality.