Benefits of Probiotics

Benefits of Probiotics

Why We Need Probiotics

  • Most probiotics are commonly found in foods like kimchi, yoghurt and other fermented foods. Some are even used to make bread!
  • A portion of the probiotics we eat in foods end up living in our gut microbiome, making our gut flora stronger and more resistant to disease or illness. Boosting these good bacteria with probiotics helps to maintain the balance.
  • Probiotics that come in powder forms are more densely packed with beneficial bacteria. Even better, Youguth probiotics are specially formulated with a synbiotics system which combines the best of both worlds – bringing together prebiotics and probiotics to give you maximum efficacy.

Did you know?

Prebiotics are like ‘food’ to good bacteria. They feed on the prebiotics, become stronger and multiply, further populating your gut with more good bacteria.

Benefits of Probiotics

Boosts Your
Gut Health

Fun fact:
An estimated 100 trillion bacterial cells inhabit our gut, that's more than actual human cells!

The health of our gut is influenced by the balance of good vs bad bacteria in it, and a healthy gut is linked to numerous health benefits. Youguth is formulated to help tilt this balance to your advantage by introducing prebiotics and probiotics that help maintain a healthy gut microbiome balance.

Supports the
Immune System

Did you know that over 70% of your immune system is in your gut?

The immune system in your gut is fueled by good bacteria that work hard to build up your resistance against disease and pathogens. Probiotics can help increase the volume of good bacteria that greatly benefits our immune response.


Did you know that the gut is home to trillions of microbes?

A consistent intake of probiotics helps maintain a good balance of beneficial bacteria that can help our digestive system break down the food we eat into nutrients like amino acids, carbohydrates and glucose that the body can metabolise.


It’s true that probiotics can support regular bowel movements!

Probiotics have been found to increase the number of weekly bowel movements and help produce softer stools so they’re easier to pass.

Benefits That
Matter to You

Did you know that not all probiotics are the same? With the help of research and advanced technology, probiotic strains can be tailored to help promote a specific health benefit so you can focus on areas of health that matter more to you.

Formulated to Best
Suit Your Needs

Probiotics can also be tailored to best suit specific age groups and lifestyles - and that's what Youguth specialises in, formulating high-quality probiotics tailored for maximum efficacy that helps to address your specific needs at different stages of life.